• How do I register?

    Please follow the prompts on our website. If however you require assistance, please email events@steadfast.com.au.

  • Do you have discounted prices for accommodation in Perth?

    Yes we do. Please complete your registration online to view the discounted rates here. Rooms will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • What is included in my pass?

    Refer to the 'Registration Types' page for further information on your pass entitlements.

  • Is my ticket tax deductible?

    Convention fees and associated travel cost are most commonly tax deductible. Eligibility for tax deductions should be verified by your independent tax advisor.

  • Can I bring my partner to the convention?

    Yes, if you are an 'Early bird' or 'Full Paying Delegate', and you would like to bring your spouse/partner, please register them under the 'Accompanying Guest' pass option. Your partner will have access to Full Convention Sessions (Monday and Tuesday), Marketplace and Social Functions.

  • Are children and animals able to attend the Convention?

    No children or animals (unless they are Service Dogs) will be permitted to attend any of the Steadfast Convention.


  • What is the convention dress code?

    Dress codes for the convention are as follows:

    • Daytime convention sessions and marketplace – smart casual
    • Sunday evening welcome function – smart casual
    • Dinner – cocktail
  • Can I earn CPD points from attending sessions during the convention?

    Yes, CPD points will be available for this event. Continue to check the website for updates.

  • Do I need to wear my lanyard to all events?

    Yes, you do. It will provide you access to day sessions, marketplace, and evening events. You will not be granted access without it.

  • I have specific dietary requirements that I have indicated on my registration, where do I find my meals?

    For meals in the Marketplace, these will be in a specially marked, designated area. For the Welcome Function and Dinner, please identify yourself to the wait staff who will be aware and able to assist with your requirements.

  • What times can I access the marketplace?

    The Marketplace is open from 8:00am - 5:00pm Sunday and Monday, 8:00am - 4:30pm on Tuesday.

  • Who can attend the Sunday Broker Only sessions?

    The Sunday broker only session is open to the Steadfast Broker Network only. Those attending will need to seek permission from their Brokerage Principal before registering.


2020 March 22 - 24